Come to the divine side of table-tennis

When I say the divine side of table-tennis, I am referring to what is referred to as dark side by players with no self-esteem or those who had been cleverly brainwashed into somehow thinking that their playing style is inferior simply because they are not two-winged loopers and use rubbers other than smooth (inverted) rubbers.  So when I say divine rubbers, they are rubbers such as long-pips, medium-pips, short pips or anti-spin. ( Regular smooth rubber is considered junk rubber based on the history of table-tennis and illegally reglued and boosted smooth rubbers are in fact criminal)

To start with, I would however be the first person to say that all players (especially children) must first start with using  homogeneous equipment (a racket with smooth inverted smooth spinny rubber both sides)  and start learning to loop from day 1 as explained in this webpage below   

Unfortunately, however the reality is that,  probably about 25% (may be not even that) of players who think they are two-winged loopers are capable of being even one winged loopers but they suffer at a lower level than their table-tennis full potential because of wrong peer pressure & ridicule .They don't choose equipment (rubber & blade) that matches their exact style. I can name like at least 10 players like that in this and every club. I give a lot of credit however for homogeneous rubber users for being able to successfully manipulate & brain-wash innocent victims and keep them from realizing their full potential in table-tennis and much worse, some of these are coaches. Many coaches apply the same concepts that apply to coach an 8 year old child to coach an 80 year old woman and this is ridiculous. Consistency is a birth trait and you can only improve it to your own God-given limit and beyond that no coach can force-feed it.  It is EXACTLY same as  parents trying to force a right-brained artistically gifted child to become a (left-brained)  mathematician. Of course some players are gifted to perform more strokes more consistently than others but that is why they are superstars and you & I are NOT. Waldner in his prime made the world's other top 10 players look like beginners because he is gifted to do every and any new & old stroke with obscene consistency but you & I are not Waldner when it comes to consistency. Professional players have a ridiculous level of consistency and can return 200 or 300 balls in a row and this is what separates even an intermediate player from an advanced player.   The secret is REALISTICALLY identifying your weaknesses as early in the process as possible and doing  something about it such as even turning your weakness into a weapon........instead of suffering needlessly because of sheer vanity & stupidity.   If a players' forehand consistency in looping sucks but his consistency with hitting is high, then a coach is guilty of mal-practice & unethical conduct if the coach insists that the player continue to use smooth inverted and not switch to short-pips or medium pips, just because the coach has irrational personal hatred for divine rubbers. As macho-man Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) say in one of his movies " A man should know his limitations"   If a player had been playing for 5 or so years and say his backhand is excellent but his forehand sucks in everything such as looping , hitting, blocking, chopping etc , the only best alternative for this player is to switch to medium or long_pips to break and disrupt opponents' rhythm  because even a stupid opponent  knows that this player can be beaten very easily by jamming the ball into his pathetic forehand.  And if this player continues to suffer year after year wondering why he is losing though he has a fantastic backhand, then he only has his stupidity and vanity to blame because he is afraid of ridicule and being a social outcast for all the wrong irrational reasons. My suggestion for this player is to either get a clue or get the hell out of table-tennis unless he is playing for exercise and fun and not competitively, but he has no right to complain why he sucks in table-tennis. It is like a bunch of middle and high school kids succumbing to approval seeking behavior and peer pressure  to smoke an do drugs literally here  (pun intended) . Every rubber exists and was invented and continues to be legal for a specific reason (well except some which are unhealthy and exist for political reasons ) and I find it hilarious when a player claims their equipment is holier than opponents'. I have seen players using short pips ridiculing long pips users and I have seen even anti users ridiculing long pips users etc etc.  Simply using inverted both sides neither makes you a macho man nor a better athlete nor a better table-tennis player if you don't have enough skill and consistency to operate in that homo mode, though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it if you are born to be that way.

But again as I said , not all players are meant to be homogeneous equipment players.  I knew very few months after I started playing that I was a natural hetero because I tended to chop on my backhand. Of course I can loop on my backhand but the question is whether I can loop consistently anywhere close to my rating level to be a looper on the backhand and the obvious answer is a resolute NO because I am natural chopper on my backhand and NOT a looper . I used to suffer for years using a 2.2 MM  Mark V on my backhand and trying chop with it like a total moron because I was told by everyone should only use inverted no matter what and when I think about it I am so embarrassed to realize how incredibly stupid I was then because I even quit playing for 6 years  (though I got to be much better in tennis in those 6 years but that is another story) .

I can go on and give hundreds of examples of  stupidity and vanity on the part of players and malpractice & ethical misconduct on the part of coaches but as I said,  everyone should go ahead try to be a HOMOgeneous rubber players first but should have the common sense to realize if & when they are not meant to be HOMOgeneous rubber players and come over to the divine side of table-tennis ..........................unless of course you would want to continue to be vain & stupid and play well below your potential & natural style.

         HOMOgeneous rubber users of course engage in various guilt trip tactics to pressure a hetero player to prevent them from being so. One normally used tactic is to say  " I will beat you if you used HOMOgenous equipment" .  May be so, what does that really prove?  It only proves that I cannot loop as well as you do or HOMOgeneous rubbers don't suit my playing style . So what ? Does that make you a better table-tennis player ? A better athlete ? A better person ?  The answer is None of the above. If we were all created to play exactly same by mostly just looping mindlessly , we are not individual human beings but a bunch of robots (even monkeys can be trained to use some intelligence) and this is how the term robotNazi came about , which refers to a (HOMOgeneous rubber using)  tabletennis player who is maniacally obsessed with limiting opponents' equipment while enhancing their own beyond criminal limits (as in glue) .

Another guilt trip used is to claim " You won because of your pips" .  Of course I won because of my pips (despite your potential overwhelming firepower and tilted playing field bestowed upon you by your puppets , the ITTF and your failure to take full advantage of that firepower because your table-tennis & athletic skills are so limited) but also because I finally woke up and realized how stupid I was to be using Mark V on my backhand  to just please my opponents and started using pips that matches my playing style. I find it hilarious when a 1200 player who does not know how to hold a hold a racket claims that  a 2100 player won because of their pips. 

I also see cases as ridiculing a player like Yuiri Boyko (from Greenville) calling him tricky whereas he is in reality an amazing "athlete" for his age and he has learned to use whatever equipment he uses to match his fantastic chopping skills on forehand using anti and powerful attacks on backhand. It is utterly degrading and disrespectful and insensitive to claim that he wins because of trickery as I have heard said many times. 

The real reason of course as to why many hate playing against long pips players  is because they do not know how to exploit the weaknesses of the long-pips players and also cannot execute simple pushes and cannot play minimal mid distance defense.  Then of course it is a torture playing a skilled defender because everything keeps coming back and if you are mentally weak you have no chance.

Nobody likes to lose and it is even more painful to lose in an individual sport as goes directly to your ego. But one should also be more rational in understanding the root cause of their loss and addressing it rather than placing irrational psychotic blame on your opponents' equipment. and use it as an excuse which prevents you from improving both as a player and a person. 

The more diverse the playing styles are in a club, the more it is to the benefit of all players. So HOMOgeneous rubber players must be happy they get to practice against more divine rubber users at the club ......otherwise they would get slaughtered i f they go to a tournament because almost all clubs have lot more divine rubber users.  This is why I even keep saying that divine rubber users can even charge a fee for playing against them at practice :)