Hanahan Table Tennis Training Center (HTTTC)

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Backhand buffoons & ping pong hacks are not welcome at   HTTTC

 Do you dare to be different ?  Live on the edge of danger of explosive blinding speed ?  Defy reality to transcend to live in the world of the extremely addictive drug known to humankind called spin ?  Dream of being the next Gold Medalist in the fastest sport on feet ? 

So you think you have what it takes to earn the privilege & prestige of joining the gang of the most extremely dangerous microwaving & gluing outlaws & to be initiated into the (Click the web link and read first)    Secret Underground World of Table Tennis in USA 

Please read this  web page as well before proceeding    http://sjcttc.webs.com/pingpong4.htm

If you want to be plain normal & dress up like for party including wearing dress shoes (or high heels), we suggest you head to a ping-pong bar , get drunk & act crazy and have fun your way if that is what you prefer then more power to you but HTTTC is not the place for you, HTTTC's mission is to promote the global sport of table-tennis, a popular event in summer Olympics with second most member nations of any international sports federation .  

So who are backhand buffoons ? Players who think they can play high level tabletennis by just using their backhand only. These players usually also have their thumb straight up in the middle of the backhand side, enabling a stronger backhand and making it almost impossible to execute a normal forehand stroke

And who are ping pong hackers ?  Players who use convoluted bizarre forehand grips (more known as basement grips) generally making it difficult to play a normal backhand. Thus both their backhand and forehand is abnormal. While it is possible for a very few players to get away with these kinds of grips, it is very rare. These players also have no clue about modern high technology high spin tabletennis rackets and show up with old type rackets or dead sponge rackets and expect to play at a very high level.

 It does not matter what your age or gender or skill level or talent or physical (or mental) limitations are. Everyone is welcome to play and train and also have lots of fun possibly getting better (if you wish ...as recreational  players are also welcome) at HTTTC .

The key difference between a ping pong bar and HTTTC is that we only want folks (or players or athletes) who will make an attempt to understand what table tennis is and understand the difficulty of  promoting  table-tennis in USA where it is just a bar room or basement joke (It is not  that USA has always been bad in table tennis and in fact dominated in late 30'sand 40's).

Would you walk into a (lawn) tennis center dressed up in suit and pant and dress shoes  (high heels) and 

  tell a coach that you just want to learn to play  just two-handed backhand  ONLY and learn underarm serves only , 

because you "know" that it is all it would take for  you to beat most tennis players  ?  Yet this is the

 attitude of most "backhand buffoons &  pingpong clowns"  when they first visit a table-tennis center / club.


If a person has any access at all to the internet in this age of instant information (search engines), it only demonstrates 

ignorance and one cannot still be blamed for it if one is genuinely not aware of related facts. However  It only conveys 

callously arrogant intentional sports bigotry, on the part  of a person using the phrase "ping pong",  as it  is an offensive

 derogatory term (in North America) to deliberately belittle and ridicule a supremely athletic (physically & mentally) global

 "sport" as a basement or bar-room joke. So if one still insists on using the phrase "ping pong", that behavior does not 

dignify further comment & such folks are free to make fools of themselves to a far better informed but more importantly , 

a more open-minded audience.  

     We ONLY  want folks who will act like , talk like (including some fun trash mixed with lot of table tennis technical substance) , and dress like table tennis players and help address the poor image of the “sport” of “table-tennis”  in USA , even if your skill & talent saturation point may never exceed that of a beginner  We only want players who will make every effort to improve their forehands first close to their saturation levels. We do not want  ping pong hackers who will serve illegally but will serve like a professional player even if not that effective.  We do not want young players walking in with an old type pimpled rubber racket or a dead sponge rubber racket.   We do not expect you (in fact we propose against it) to show up with a $400 racket on the first day. In fact we prefer you do not even bring a racket (We will most likely laugh at your racket........the author of this web page has been laughed at in 5 or 6 different places for different reasons about his rackets when he started......and he still is laughed at about his rackets ...... for few more other reasons   !!!!  ) .  But we expect you to come in proper athletic attire and not ping pong “party” attire or street attire. (Read further down to get more information on this) . But the key difference is that you will get addicted to the sport & have fun helplessly for life, even if you are bound to be stuck at beginner level forever.    

Ping pong as they say, is easy to play but table-tennis is quite hard to master and takes lot of dedication and work just as in any other sport but you still can have lots of fun at any skill level (whole lot more than mindless ping-pong). Yet quite often we have many of these basement legends walk in night after night and waste our time with wrong attitude and ideas. Sad part is that MOST of these players probably can become good or even great table-tennis players ...they could if they had the right attitude & dedication but it is pure psychotic delusion to believe that it is going to happen in a few night or a week or even in few months.

Even if you are a world class athletic talent , created by God specifically to be table-tennis legend , it will still take a few years unfortunately as the sport of modern table-tennis is that much complicated for all but one style of play, and most ping-pong hackers have remotely no clue because table-tennis looks oh so easy to play at any level ( ....no thanks to Forrest Gump or Bruce Lee's misleading numb chuck video LOL ) . Unless you are a player yourself , it is very hard to comprehend the amount of athleticism required to execute the strokes (to create these obscene spins at extreme speeds) at even the level of even an advanced beginner in low level table-tennis center / club......fitting analogy used is like playing speed chess (complexity)  while down-hill skiing (super high speed & calculations) at the same time (only meant as a compliment to both sport ...not negatively).  Are we ridiculing and dismissing the backhand as unnecessary stroke in table-tennis ?  Far from it.  Even for penhold style players who naturally play forehand (mostly more Chinese, Koreans & Japanese than not) , backhand is crucial and the backhand when executed by a world class player is quite spectacular .   What we are saying however is that you need to develop a strong forehand first in table-tennis and lose the delusion that you can cut it in table tennis just using ONLY your backhand. Yes we do want you to develop world-class backhands as we move along but not before you develop a decent forehand as well and also look and act like a table-tennis athlete and not a backhand buffoon. If you are a social tennis (or golf) player who is pathetic at best in either sport but yet spend thousands of dollars on fancy athletic clothes and rackets & golf equipment as vanity, this should not be too hard to comprehend and yet most wannabes come with a ping pong attitude. Because once you get a feel of the ball digging deep into the wet (yes wet as you will see) sponge and meeting the composite ultra-high technology wood of racket,  and are even able to create devastatingly powerful topspins delivered at rocket speeds or crushing back-spins , either one combined with a dizzying array of side-spins, at consistency levels nowhere near that of even an intermediate player (such as one amazing "lucky shot" winner in 1000 tries) you will still be are hopelessly addicted for life with the sport. But sadly most passer bys never get to this stage and HTTTC's goal is to get you to this point and we are not worried about the rest.

 So is it ping pong or table tennis ? You choose

Again , all this is not meant to scare you away. As we said your skill level will never be a problem only your attitude toward the sport. Everyone including the world champion gets laughed at for some improper grip or technique. You will have lots of fun and you will see that other players also want to help you to get better (if you choose to)  and or just have recreational fun.

PS :-  Apologies for the seemingly harsh & rude introduction to tabletennis, but it is frustrating to waste time with folks who do not have a clear understanding of what HTTTC is trying to accomplish& why.  We have players come in quite often with the expectation that it is such an easy “game” based on wrong information or lack thereof.  As stated earlier everyone and anyone is welcome as long as the mission of HTTTC to promote the sport of table tennis and not ping pong is clearly understood  



Hanahan Table-Tennis Training Center (HTTTC)

         of Charleston, South Carolina  USA    

Website :-  ttHanahan.com       Email :- ttHanahan@hotmail.com

 City of Hanahan Gym , 1255 Yeamans Hall Road , (Off Remount Road  Exit 211-B  of  I-26)     

Hanahan , SC-29410 ( Adjacent to Hanahan Municipal Complex - City Hall )  

Please use rear door of the gym on Robinson Street at the corner of Yeamans Hall Road  facing 

the Lil' Cricket Gas Station / Convenience Store  as the main entrance facing municipal complex 

(city hall)  is always locked. See bottom of this webpage for maps and photos of entrance to gym . 



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HTTTC is officially affiliated to & sanctioned by   ,  an affiliate of 


ITTF is affiliated to  International Olympic Committee for the table-tennis event in Summer Olympic games


Training Schedule


We usually play every 


every Wednesday & Thursday 7 PM to 10 PM (or later) 


every Saturday &  Sunday 2 PM to 6 PM (or later) .


Earlier training on Sundays is possible with prior arrangement, if gym is not reserved for other activities. 

No prior appointment or registration or partner required. Just show up whenever you like (when we are open)



However you need to bookmark this webpage http://ttHanahan.com

and check before you leave to go to the center to check for any cancellations


Because of various issues with emailing (some  feel spammed, sometimes emails end up actually in 

spam folders & do not get read & people ignore emails  but show up and then complain etc etc ) ,  you 

will not be emailed or texted about cancellations or schedule or delays etc. You can easily bookmark 

this webpage and very easy to remember as well  ( ttHanahan.com ) and check either on your computer

  or even your mobile phone or device.       


Cancellations :-  None




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Family and fun atmosphere while also training VERY hard 

(both for exercise as well to improve your level).





Click here for USATT League Results & your latest USATT League rating


 Click here for HTTTC players' action photos







All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF



Move up from your daddy / mommy's basement "game" of ping-pong to the 

 athletic "sport"  of table-tennis, the most popular racket sport in the world.


Ideal life-time sport for entire family 

Play singles for some serious athletic competition and exercise.

Play doubles for some social fun with friends and family

Singles /  Doubles / Mixed-Doubles / Teams

Children / Women / Men  

Open to all levels of players from recreational to competitive

Free informal coaching available to everyone. Paid private coaching can be arranged.

Get your healthy exercise while getting addicted to a lifetime athletic  racket sport for fun as well 

competition.  Or just play recreationally  while making friends from every corner of the globe in a 

friendly / social environment. ( Table-tennis , a sport with 218 member nations of the ITTF is 

second of all sports, as the sport with most national federations as members of the given international 

sports body.....Which sport ranks first ? It is not soccer............ do your research to find out !!! ) .  

Table-tennis is one of the most popular events in the

  summer Olympic games (Both Singles & Team events).


All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF


 Best & ultra-modern playing conditions as well as a very 

friendly social atmosphere. Train in one of the  fastest individual life-time sport  and 

get addicted to the super-spins of table-tennis while having lot of fun. 

6 New tables (more to come) in a NEW  basketball gym.

Click here to check out some pictures of the facility & HTTTC player gallery 


High ceilings. Excellent lighting. State of the art non-slip flooring  Air Conditioning / Heating Large individually barriered  

courts ( to contain the ball closer to the table but more importantly to keep players from having any dangerous high speed 

collisions with players from neighboring courts or with spectators). Several shops / convenience stores / gas stations are 

located right next door or next block as is the police station. Plenty of shops / restaurants on 

close-by Rivers Avenue, Remount Road, I-26 & I-526 and airport. Free parking.



 All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF


Equipment / attire :-  HTTTC is primarily a training center in a VERY athletic sport of table-tennis 

with potentially repetitive lightening fast movements in all directions forward and backward and laterally side to side     

and this is not a ping-pong side show in a bar or night club  where you come dressed up to dine and dance 

the night away. Therefore appropriate athletic attire is mandatory even if you are here just to play recreationally.

 Athletic / (table) tennis / volley ball / racquetball attire / tracksuits / shoes strongly recommended. 

Ultra lite specialized table-tennis shoes (similar to sprinting spikes) can be purchased 

online but are not mandatory. (But sprint rubber spike shoes are not recommended as they are not designed for very 

fast lateral side to side movements of table-tennis in addition to forward and backward movements and may twist your ankle easily).

 It is ok to start with tennis and volleyball shoes but eventually they will become too heavy & a liability as your skill level progresses. 

Basketball shoes are best if your playing style evolves into a close to the table playing style with limited mobility.

Absolutely no dress shoes. Orange or white clothing not recommended as it interferes with ball color . 

Tournament quality 3 star balls provided free for use at the center for both open-play as well as multi-ball training 

and must be returned at end of session. We can provide free rackets to use for few visits but all regular players buy their 

own rackets since the sport is EXTREMELY racket design sensitive. We recommend you buy your racket after speaking 

with regular players. (There is also link to a web page at the bottom of this page that discusses your first racket in depth)

Since success in modern table-tennis is based on almost total emphasis on ability to produce extreme

top-spins (and back-spins), only rackets with smooth top surface (pips not facing out) spinny rubber and with

ITTF approval logo are allowed for most beginners and / or children. (Once you learn how to generate these extreme 

spins even at beginner level, you will become addicted forever to table-tennis). And also due to significant differences

in stroke mechanics, rackets with any pips facing out or old dead smooth ( becomes anti-spin ) rubbers may

also not be allowed in most cases for beginners and / or children.   Players over age 50 are waived from these

requirements except  that sandpaper rackets are not allowed for any player, any age, any skill level. 

You may ask :-  What if we are a bunch of sandpaper players who want to play each other only . That is a fair question 

but HTTTC does does not support that concept for 2 reasons 1.  We cannot afford to reserve tables when we

have limited number available for regular ITTF play 2.  More importantly sandpaper play while it may seem fun, is just 

an exercise in pointless stupidity (mostly by some old folks who live in the past) .  You can be much better player using even 

hardbat (which is legal in ITTF play) which is quite similar to  sandpaper.  You are far better off unselfishly training your child 

or grandchild in modern version of table-tennis. Also sandpaper was NEVER ever legal in ITTF tournament play 

& will never ever be in future.  

Old rackets with dead rubbers or without  ITTF approval logo are also not allowed. These regulations will be strictly enforced 

for juniors to prevent them  from wasting their time and effort using bad / wrong equipment

Most new players absolutely have no clue about the importance of having the right racket in table-tennis.  True there are many 

playing styles in tennis but table-tennis has billions of styles because EVERY single player has a unique style (though they can be

 broadly classified into 5 or 6 styles) .  Microscopic changes to your racket can greatly affect your performance at any given

 skill level when playing against a more or less equal  opponent.   Tournament players usually spend more than a couple of $1000 on rackets ,

 rubbers etc. and many spend 10s of $1000s .   This is not to imply that you can “buy”  your way to a higher skill level  but  to emphasize the 

importance of playing with a racket design that matches your  playing style as closely as possible.  While this is not important for most beginners , 

even beginners however must have a decent racket and play with the exact same racket as they train.  While it is not expected  and in fact do not want

 beginners to spend lot of money on rackets,  do not expect to show up at a professional table-tennis center like HTTTC with a 99 cent

 (probably illegal) racket and beat the best player in the center …………this kind of crazy stuff  happens lot more often than you think

 in clubs across North America.  HTTTC will provide you a racket for a few first visits but we expect you to carry your own racket so that you will play

 with the exact same racket every time and this is one less variable but a key variable  in your developing consistent stroke production.  Every child should

 have his / her own racket. While you are not expected to spend $100 or $200 to buy a racket initially , be prepared to spend $15 to $35. If you buy at the local

 sporting goods store, make sure you buy the high end racket. If you buy online you have a better choice and lower price.  Ask at the center and 

you will be sent some links where you can order from. (HTTTC does not represent or endorse any rackets or brands or get , but buying overly expensive 

rackets initially is not recommended) . HTTTC does not recommend buying at one manufacturer or another but if you want to get an idea of how 

expensive table-tennis equipment can be,  visit some of the following sites :-

                      http://www.butterflyonline.com/           http://www.yasaka.se/             http://stigatabletennis.com/en/    http://www.cms.donic.de/cms/en/

                      http://www.paddlepalace.com/                     http://killerspin.com    (owner is Obama’s  lawyer ? )                         http://www.joolausa.com/



First Time visitors to the center :- All Players understand they play entirely at their own risk and release HTTTC & 

City of Hanahan from any liability. Common sense applies to all processes. Players must wear safe shoes and attire. HTTTC is one

of the very few facilities in the world that provides 100s of 3 star balls (highest there is in tabletennis is 3 star not 5 star)

 free of cost  for multi-ball training (on top of free group lessons, free USATT league & free HTTTC membership other than 

a small registration fee charged NOT by HTTTC but by City of Hanahan ) . Players MUST collect all balls before starting  any 

match-play and use only one or two balls for match-play. Extreme caution must be exercised while performing multi-ball drills so as

not to step on and slip and fall due to balls you cannot see behind or to the side of you or even right in front of you. We have collection

 nets to collect the balls easily. So please use them . All players playing at HTTTC agree to allow HTTTC use public images of players 

from the center for non-commercial use just to promote the center only. All other images used courtesy ITTF are strictly meant to be 

non-profit purposes and used only strictly for the promotion of the sport of table-tennis in a non-profit non-commericl context.


First Time visitors to the center :- If you are visiting the center the first time to play ,you need to

be sort of aggressive and let folks know you are there to play & mean business & ask for guidance & explanations.

Especially if you are a beginner, first few months or even years can seem to be intimidating .......only if you let it.

 But if you keep in mind that no one except Forrest Gump became a World Champion overnight and had their humble

beginnings with years of humiliation at the table (it is especially hard to swallow in a seemingly very simple game

for your individual ego) and pursue the sport tenaciously , there is no reason not to succeed and believe it or not 

most other table-tennis players actually want to see you succeed and would be more than eager to help with

your game.  Feel free to ask questions however stupid or silly they may sound only to find out they are not mostly.


              Center Background & Mission Statement :- HTTTC welcomes all levels & ages of players 

                    (women & men)  recreational and competitive. However the primary  mission of HTTTC is manufacture new players  

                   in the Charleston  area as well as help existing players to maximize their potential as far as their talent will take them

                   in  a methodical , systematic manner to help players of all levels to quickly move up to the next skill level with focus on 

                   modern table-Tennis and not old style hardbat or sandpaper table-tennis. Hardbat players are welcome however

                  to play and improve at HTTTC  as it is legal for USATT /  ITTF tournament play though children and most beginners

                will be allowed to use only modern smooth  inverted rubber rackets and not pips out rubbers of any type.  . Sandpaper 

               rackets are not allowed as it is not legal for USATT and  ITTF play.  Though formed a as a for profit organization for 

                   administrative reasons, HTTTC is very much a non-profit organization with no planned goals of making any profits 

                 for years to come  and all tables & equipment were purchased for HTTTC for simple and primary purpose of promoting

                table-tennis in the Charleston area and providing a quality training center of highest quality and not focusing on 

                 making a profit from the center. HTTTC of Charleston SC is the dba for the properly registered LLC in SC 


    Training format :- HTTTC welcomes recreational players. However free coaching & training is available ONLY 

 to dedicated players ( regardless of age, gender etc )  on a prioritized basis who want to mostly train hard to improve 

     their skill level to compete in tournaments locally or nationwide or internationally or even at local league level. If you want to 

be a  non-recreational serious table-tennis player, you will be spending 60 to 70% of your time in intensive training drills.

It is simply not possible or fair to be just a recreational player but  expect to be coached for free like a 

professional player. Therefore you will be on your own if you are a recreational player because due to very 

limited resources of coaching provided for free, coaching will be provided to players who are willing to apply 

themselves to the maximum and intensive training may be at times boring an strenuous and demanding   


Playing format :- Players are encouraged to spend most of their time in focused training rather than 

playing matches which can be usually very boring and frustrating  Open play (singles / doubles / mixed-doubles or 

just training) & training on both Thursdays& Sundays based on a friendly informal challenge system with the winner 

staying on the table usually for 3 matches (except when crowded, in which case both players may have to give 

up the table). Players are generally requested to challenge players approximately close to their playing skill level.

Please let both players at the table clearly know that you are next and make sure one or both are willing to play 

you next. Conversely both players at the table must make sure one will stay and play the next player, to help the next 

player from not wasting their time just waiting. All matches are 3 out of 5 games of 11 points each (or 2 out of 3 games 

if there is a long wait on all tables) .  Old 21 point system is not allowed. Players may play singles or doubles or 

mixed-doubles matches but or just train. If 2 players are just training, one player must give up the table after 20 minutes if there is 

someone waiting next. You cannot both train 20 minutes and then also play a full 5 game match. If you have been training for 

more than 5 minutes and someone signs up at the table , a match must start immediately or one player must leave after

 20 minutes. some of the  rules apply only if there is significant waiting on all available tables. In general be courteous and 

friendly. Please help new players by explaining to them the playing format. All players expected to help setup tables when starting 

and take down tables when closing. Players MUST keep all personal items right next to their playing table at all times and HTTTC 

is in no way responsible for stolen / lost / abandoned items. Running into adjacent courts while play is in progress is prohibited. 

Ask the players on other courts to help with the ball. Needless to say, all players are responsible for keeping as well as leaving the 

gym clean and free of litter. All players will be required to play at least one doubles match per week to help others learn

                                                                       the rules and playing strategy.


All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF


             USATT League :-    HTTTC is officially affiliated with and sanctioned by USATT.    

                       USATT is the national governing body for the sport of table-tennis in USA and affiliated with the USOC.    ITTF is the similar 

                        international      governing body associated with IOC .USATT is the national affiliate of ITTF similar to USOC being the national 

                       affiliate of IOC .Table-tennis centers and clubs in USA can affiliate themselves with USATT and run leagues and tournaments.

                       You get separate but almost identical league & tournament computer processed ratings. Higher ranked players have higher

                        ratings (Ratings are from 0 to about 3000 with 0 being non-player to 3000 is perfection .... .world #1 is about 2950) 

                        Please refer to webpage at bottom for more information about ratings ranges  for various skill levels of players  

                       We will have a USATT league with each player receiving a free USATT league rating identical to USATT tournament rating. 

                       The rating is processed by USATT just like a USATT tournament but on a totally separate database. Initially we will have l

                        league play once every 2 or 3 weeks floating from Thursdays and Sundays. This league will be modeled after the extremely 

                        successful Thursday Charlotte league with players moving up and divisions based on prior week's performance as well as 

                        gaining or losing rating points and a player of the week. If it grows and have enough volunteer administrators we can move 

                        to a permanent weekly league. . You can read details from some sample weeks of  the weekly results at Charlotte, NC, 

                        at web-pages below :-      






Charleston area table-tennis USATT League  

Click here for more league information, results & HTTTC player action photos





All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF


Coaching :-  Unlike many clubs , HTTTC will focus on coaching based on the individual needs , styles and age of each player 

HTTTC does not try to force all players to play just inverted sponge or force all players to play pips out rubber.  Free informal group 

coaching will be available for all yearly members as time permits. Additional one to one paid private coaching or camps can be arranged 

with local coaches or with distinguished national and world-class visiting coaches .  HTTTC also plans to run coaching camps for  junior 

players in City of Hanahan, Berkeley & neighboring counties. Check website or get on our email list for information.  However coaching

will be available only to players interested in receiving serious training and not to recreational players

 though we welcome recreational players to play at HTTTC


Coaching camps / clinics :-  HTTTC always welcomes distinguished coaches to hold clinics and camps

for players as well as seminars and courses (such as ITTF Level courses)  using  HTTTC equipment  

Contact us for details if you are interested  :-  ttHanahan@hotmail.com



Starting October 2013 one-on-one personal coaching (fee based) will be available to those interested.

   Lee Barbour, an advanced level player with rating 1878 (and still climbing rapidly) from the Charleston 

area, will be available to provide this coaching. Please contact him at the center for his fees & availability etc. 

 HTTTC is also still actively seeking additional qualified coaches (local or visiting) to teach at HTTTC.

Private one-on-one lessons at home are available from SJ at rates $300 / hour plus expenses but he is generally unavailable.  


Wanted :- Coaches (USATT &/or ITTF certified) :-  If you are interested in private coaching at HTTTC 

contact us for details  HTTTC will not restrict to just one coach and you must be able to work and coexist with other possible coaches 

at HTTTC.  Due to business structure HTTTC (not in the business of making profits but exists just to promote table-tennis absorbing all 

operational losses ) , HTTTC does not provide any salaries and you are just allowed to use HTTTC facilities & find your own 

paying students, run camps  as an independent contractor . Looking for both local and visiting coaches


Wanted :- USATT Club Coach / Instructor candidates :- HTTTC is looking for people living in 

the area to get certified as table-tennis instructors coaches in an  sport  This may be to enhance their resume in the 

recreation / physical education areas and / or to set up table-tennis programs in your schools etc.  You do not have to be a player

 but  can be a staff / teacher at a school or be a physical education or other education major in a college.   


Click here for information about upcoming  ITTF coach training classes to be held in USA



All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF


Wanted :- College Thesis candidates :-  HTTTC is looking for college students from senior level thru 

post-doctoral, majoring in physical education or related majors such as engineering , physics, psychology etc to work 

with HTTTC players and coaches etc and local businesses for possible submission of research papers / theses related to

 the sport , science and technology of table-tennis 


Fees :- HTTTC  does not charge any membership fees of any kind to train / play at HTTTC but City 

of Hanahan mandated a $45 per player gym usage fee every 6 months (train 4 times a week)

Usually free soft drinks are provided (by HTTTC) .  Hundreds of 3 star balls  (highest available in 

table tennis) are also available for free use to all players for high speed rapid-fire multi-ball training.


USATT Individual & Family memberships :- You do not need to be a USATT member to play in

HTTTC's  USATT League events but you do need to be a USATT member to play in national USATT tournaments at HTTTC 

of elsewhere in USA.  HTTTC will pass on the  entire 15% discount (that USATT gives affiliated clubs like HTTTC ) to current 

HTTTC members.       









All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF




Table-Tennis> A "very easy to learn" simple& fun "basement game" ...... but a "very 

hard to master" athletic complex " sport" of obscene super-spins at insane speeds.

Please click on links below for more information about the  sport of table-tennis

Professional table-tennis videos (Please watch these videos before reading any articles below if you are newcomer to table-tennis)

Ping & Pong > 4 letter words for a table-tennis player ?  An invitation to table-tennis from an ex-tennis-addict turned table-tennis addict

 Also addresses myths and little known facts about the "sport" of table-tennis

Guide to beginners coming to table-tennis

Your first racket

Secret underground world of table-tennis in USA

For advanced players :- http://4ctt.com



All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF  

Links to Major Upcoming Events in USA

Tournament City State Date(s) Level Contact
Butterfly Cary Cup Cary NC 3/14/2014 - 3/16/2014 4 Star Mike Babuin, 919-462-3931
Westchester 2014 March Open Pleasantville NY 3/22/2014 - 3/23/2014 4 Star Will Shortz, 914-769-9128
TMS 2014 College Table Tennis Championships Monroeville PA 4/4/2014 - 4/6/2014 5 Star  
Westchester 2014 April Open Pleasantville NY 4/26/2014 - 4/27/2014 4 Star Will Shortz, 914-769-9128
St. Louis Open St. Louis MO 5/3/2014 - 5/4/2014 4 Star Daniel Seemiller, 574-654-7476
Newgy Cincinnati Open Cincinnati OH 5/9/2014 - 5/10/2014 4 Star Samson Dubina,
Westchester 2014 May Open Pleasantville NY 5/24/2014 - 5/25/2014 4 Star Will Shortz 914-769-9128
Westchester 2014 June Open Pleasantville NY 6/28/2014 - 6/29/2014 4 Star Will Shortz 914-769-9128
2014 US Open     ITTF Pro Tour Circuit Stop Grand Rapids MI 7/1/2014 - 7/5/2014 5 Star Joyce Grooms, 719-866-4583
Westchester 2014 July Open Pleasantville NY 7/26/2014 - 7/27/2014 4 Star Will Shortz 914-769-9128
Westchester 2014 August Open Pleasantville NY 8/23/2014 - 8/24/2014 4 Star Will Shortz 914-769-9128
2014 Butterfly Badger Open Waukesha WI 9/20/2014 - 9/21/2014 4 Star Linda Leaf, 414-281-3123
Westchester 2014 September Open Pleasantville NY 9/27/2014 - 9/28/2014 4 Star Will Shortz 914-769-9128
Westchester 2014 October Open Pleasantville NY 10/25/2014 - 10/26/2014 4 Star Robert Roberts, 914-498-0464
Westchester 2014 November Open Pleasantville NY 11/22/2014 - 11/23/2014 4 Star Robert Roberts, 914-498-0464
2014 JOOLA North American Teams Championships National Harbor MD 11/28/2014 - 11/30/2014 4 Star Marynes Parra, 301-816-0660
2014 US Closed ( National Championship)     December 2014 5 Star Joyce Grooms, 719-866-4583
Westchester 2014 December Open Pleasantville NY 12/27/2014 - 12/28/2014 4 Star Robert Roberts, 914-498-0464
2015 JOOLA North American Teams Championships National Harbor MD 11/27/2015 - 11/29/2015 4 Star Marynes Parra, 301-816-0660


Upcoming Tournaments in South-East USA region

Tournament City State Date(s) Level Contact
Butterfly Cary Cup Cary NC 3/14/2014 - 3/16/2014 4 Star Mike Babuin, 919-462-3931
Orlando's Annual Winter Open (38 Points) Orlando FL 3/15/2014 2 Star Hung Tran, Jr., 407-733-1376
Alabama State Teams Anniston AL 3/29/2014 2 Star Mike Harris, 256-689-8603
Robo-Pong April 2014 BTTC Open Broward FL 4/12/2014 - 4/13/2014 3 Star Carlos Zeller, 954-849-5436
Space Coast Spring Open Cocoa Beach FL 4/19/2014 1 Star Dwight Newton, 321-265-1556
Florida Orange Blossom Table Tennis Series Spring Classic Open 2014 Lakeland FL 5/2/2014 - 5/3/2014 2 Star Brad Woodington, 863-370-5163
Florida Sunshine State Games Table Tennis Open 2014 Lakeland FL 6/21/2014 - 6/22/2014   Brad Woodington, 863-370-5163
Mid-Florida Table Tennis Tour-2014 Lakeland July Classic Open Lakeland FL 7/18/2014 - 7/19/2014 2 Star Brad Woodington, 863-370-5163
Florida Orange Blossom Table Tennis Series Summer Classic Open 2014 Lakeland FL 8/15/2014 - 8/16/2014 2 Star Brad Woodington, 863-370-5163
Mid-Florida Table Tennis Tour-2014 Lakeland September Classic Open Lakeland FL 9/19/2014 - 9/20/2014 2 Star Brad Woodington, 863-370-5163
Florida Orange Blossom Table Tennis Series Fall Classic Open 2014 Lakeland FL 10/24/2014 - 10/25/2014 2 Star Brad Woodington, 863-370-5163


All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF


National Collegiate Table Tennis Association

Click above link for more information on how to affiliate your college / university to NCTTA's annual table-tennis competition 


Association of College Unions International

Click above link for more information on how to affiliate your college (union) to  ACUI's  annual table-tennis competition 

Players at all local colleges / universities and community colleges are invited to train  at HTTTC 

to participate in above competitions.   Several other sports are available as well




South Carolina Senior (Age 50 +) Sports Classic    2014 

Wednesday May 14 to Saturday May 17, 2014

Florence , SC

to qualify for    National Senior (Age 50+) Games   2015

July 3 to 16 , 2015 Bloomington / Minneapolis / St.Paul

Table-Tennis is also one of the many sports that is part of South Carolina Senior Sports Classic also known as

Senior State Games for men and women over ages of 50  Local competitions are held each year to select players

who move on to regional competitions in the  state and then on to National Senior Games. Registration is usually in 

January of each year. Please click on above link for more information for year 2014 which will be added to the above

website  later on.  Table-tennis has singles , doubles and mixed doubles competitions for women and men over age 

50 usually in age groups of 5  (50,55, 60,65.......to age 100+). You can join HTTTC and start training for 2014 games.  

Competitors are from all skill levels but mostly novice to intermediate level and it is also more of a social event 

while in training for these players over the age of 50.  Free informal coaching will be provided to all players who will

train at HTTTC and one on one paid private coaching can always be arranged. Click on the heading above 

or here for more information.       Several other sports are available as well



All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF



World Veterans (Age 40+) 

Table-Tennis Championships 

(WVTTC) 2014


May 12th to 17th, 2014     Auckland,  New Zealand

 The term "Veterans" refers to a person over the age of 40 ( the usage of the word Veteran in USA generally

refers to a person in the Armed Services). The WVTTC usually draws more than 5000 players worldwide in

competitions in Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles for men & women in age groups 40, 50, 60,70, 80.

It is as much a very social experience as much a competition with players from beginners to former world champions.

You will see every conceivable style of unorthodox and bizarre styles developed & fine-tuned  by experienced "veteran"

table-tennis players and thus  a part  freak-show as much as a parade of graceful former champion athletes.

If you were looking at New Zealand as your possible tourist destination , this may be your excuse to go. Click on

the above link for more information. Entries end quite early many months before the event and if you do not enter early 

you may end up on waiting list.. Click on the heading above or here for more information



All images at this webpage courtesy of ITTF


High School  / Middle School  Table Tennis

Sadly no separate programs seem to exist in USA for table-tennis for inter-school competitions  at the state and national level similar

to programs above for colleges and older adults.   This section will be updated when such information become available .

However school students can participate in USATT leagues & tournaments and training is available at HTTTC

Para Athletes Table Tennis

A search for separate programs for Para athletes of all skill levels  in table-tennis produced no results though (local) programs exist

 in USA for national and international level  Para athletes. An update of this section will be made when it becomes  available.

However para athletes  can participate in USATT leagues & tournaments and training is available at HTTTC


Valor games South East 2014

for  disabled veterans and wounded, ill or injured service members -Table-Tennis

The 2013 table-tennis event was a huge success held at Duke University ,Durham,NC.  

Read link below for information about 2014 if you plan on  participating in 2014.  Many other sports are available as well


The Valor Games brings together disabled veterans and wounded, ill or injured service members and engages them in three days of Paralympics sport competition.




Location maps of HTTTC  ( City of Hanahan Gym )

City of Hanahan gym,  1255, Yeamans Hall Road, Hanahan, SC - 29410

( Next to city municipal complex ) ,   Off Remount Road (Exit 211-B off  Interstate 26)

This is NOT the Hanahan main gym @ 3100, Mabeline Road behind Trident Community College near Elementary School



The Rating exchange chart below is used to calculate your 

final USATT League Ratings

The USATT computer calculates your ratings....... not HTTTC

Click here for USATT League Results & your latest USATT League rating


 Click here for HTTTC players' action photos


USATT Rating Exchange Chart
Point Differential (Spread ) Between Players Expected Result (Higher Rated Player Wins): Number of points exchanged. Upset Result (Lower Rated Player Wins): Number of points exchanged
0 - 12 8 8
13 - 37 7 10
38 - 62 6 13
63 - 87 5 16
88 - 112 4 20
113 - 137 3 25
138 - 162 2 30
163 - 187 2 35
188 - 212 1 40
213 - 237 1 45
238 and up 0 50



USATT Player skill level definitions

Player's USATT Rating Player's  Skill Level 
0 Non-Player
Below 1101 Novice
1101-1401 Club Level Beginner
1401-1700 Intermediate
1701-1900 Advanced
1901-2100 Expert
2101-2300 Master
2301-2600  National  ( Grand Master)
2601-2700  International  (International Grand Master)
2701-2850 World ranking top 100  ( Touring Professional )
2851-2950 World ranking Top 10 to 20  
3000 Perfection  (Normalization point)
Note :- Rating number is the inverse of ranking index number . Higher the rating number,  lower the ranking number  index . Higher the ranking index number, the lower the rating number.


USATT Handicap Match Chart

11 point games are generally not used in handicap matches as the point spread is way too small. 

21 point game matches are usually best 2 out of 3 games.

31, 41 & 51 point matches are usually single game matches

Rating Point Differential (Spread)  Between the two players and

number of handicap points given to lower rated player to start with.

Rating Point Spread

11 Point Game

Handicap Points,  that lower rated player will start with Rating Point Spread

21 Point Game (or Match)

Handicap Points , that lower rated player will start with   Rating Point Spread

31 Point Game (or Match)

Handicap Points , that lower rated player will start with   Rating Point Spread

41 Point Game (or Match)

Handicap Points , that lower rated player will start with   Rating Point Spread

51 Point Game (or Match)

Handicap Points , that lower rated player will start with
0-31 0 0-12 0 0 - 8  0 0 - 6   0 0 - 4     0
32-87 1 13-31 1 9 - 23 1 7 - 18   1 5- 17  1
88-161 2 32-56 2 24 - 47   2 19 - 31  2 18 - 30 2
162-249 3 57-87 3 48 - 72   3 32 - 47    3  31 - 43 3
250-351 4 88-124 4 73 - 99   4  48 - 56        4 44 - 56 4
352-524 5 125-161 5 100 - 128   5 57 - 72 5   57 - 69     5
525-724 6 162-198 6 129 - 157   6 73 - 87 6 70 - 82  6
725 & UP 7 199-249 7 158 - 196   7   88 – 106 7 83 - 95  7
  250-300 8 197 - 235   8 107 - 124    8 96 - 108  8
301-351 9 236 - 278   9 125 - 146  9 109 - 121 9
352-412 10 279 - 321   10 147 - 167  10 122 - 134  10
413-524 11 322 - 370   11 168 - 192  11 135 - 147 11
525-624 12 371 - 419   12 193 - 216  12 148 - 160 12
625-724 13 420 - 468   13 217 - 244 13 161 - 173 13
725-824 14 469 - 517 14 245 - 271 14 174 - 186   14
825-924 15 518 - 566   15 272 - 302    15 187 - 199 15
925-999 16 567 - 615   16 303 - 332  16 200 - 212  16
1000 & up 17 616 - 664   17 333 - 366  17 213 - 231 17
  665 - 713  18  367 - 399  18 232 - 250  18
714 - 762   19    400 - 436  19 251 - 269 19
763 - 811   20 437 - 472  20 270 - 288 20
812 - 860   21  473 - 512  21 289 - 307   21
861 - 909 22  513 - 551  22   308 - 331  22
910 - 958   23 552 - 594  23    332 - 355 23
959 - 999   24  595 - 636 24   356- 379   24
1000 & up  25 637 - 687 25 380 - 403   25
  688 - 727 26 404 - 427   26
  728 - 776  27 428 - 462   27
   777 - 824  28 463 - 497   28
   825 - 876  29   498 - 532  29
   877 - 927  30   533 - 567  30
    928 - 964 31   568 - 602  31
   928 - 999 32   603 - 637  3
1000 & up  33 638 - 672   33
  673 - 707   34
708 - 742   35
743 - 777   36
  778 - 812   37
813 - 847   38
848 - 882   39
883 - 999   40
1000- 1199 41
   1200 - 1399 42
   1400 & up   43