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Some random notes & observations


Ping & Pong > 4 letter words for a TableTennis Athlete ?  :  Addresses myths and little known facts about the "sport" of Table-Tennis


Guide to beginners coming to TableTennis

Your first racket


Secret underground world of Table-Tennis in USA


Quit TableTennis now (Stop wasting your time) (an absolute MUST read) 


Learn to loop FIRST (not HIT FIRST) (another MUST read) 


Uncontrolling your long-pips


Racket-twirling : Techniques & Tactics


Ideal Blade Design for Modern Chopper


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Serve & Serve Return Tactics


Grips : Which one is the best (for you to use) ?


Choosing a rubber (racket covering) to match your playing style)


What is your skill level in TableTennis ?


Whose serve is it ? Keeping score in Table-Tennis


Unorthodox & Advanced Strokes


Understanding & attacking Side Spins


Ultimate multi-ball drills


Come to the divine side of TableTennis


Stroke Based analysis of rubber sheets


Who should (& absolutely should NOT) be using short-pips


Exploring (long) pimples rubber designs